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2014 ‘A Pregnancy (a very serious movie)

Janyce has just discovered that she is pregnant with a baby. The father, Leonard, is only interested in writing songs about his new baby with his band (though his bandmates may have other plans). Leonard's housemate, Delores, set Janyce's mother Debbie up on a date through her 'Dating Service Hotline' with a man named Todd. Todd takes to Debbie's family very quickly and makes himself solely responsible for getting Leonard on the right track to being an upstanding father. Leonard develops a friendship with Janyce's brother Ivan when he is forced, by Todd, to live at, and clean, Debbie's house full time. Meanwhile, Delores struggles with the constant noise from Leonard's band while trying to maintain her work at home jobs. Self medication is, sometimes, Delores’ solution to her stress.

2013 ‘A Week Off (an even better movie)

After an eventful year, Susan and her real family have finally settled in the house where her neighbors were brutally murdered (because how could anyone pass on such a reasonable price for such a big house?). She works hard being a mother to her kids, Edwin and Tabitha, who have a week off from school. As a way to raise some extra money, Susan takes care of the man next door, Leroy. She is also a strong supporter of her best friend, Paula. Paula is a single mother trying to raise her son, Jeramie (who, unbeknownst to Susan is actually her husband, Troy's, love child). Troy has established himself well in the converted den, where he admires his money collection and hangs with his friend, Jayce N. (and, of course, Paula). Don't miss this epic tale of lies and mystery!

2012 ‘The Rosselsons (a family movie)

2015 ‘The Rosselsons (a very mini series)

We follow a family who comes together as one to have a wholesome meal. But are their morals tainted by bad ancestry? The all knowing Lord Rexkern will be the judge of that.

2011 ‘A Weekend (a very good movie)

We follow a small family of 3 (a single mother, and her two kids). Diane is dealing with the issues of being abandoned by her husband. She drinks, and makes casseroles. Karen is a 14 year old girl who is full of angst. She expresses some of her aggression through her love interest, Nathan (a 21 year old man). Mike is a 22 year old man living in the basement of his mothers house, occasionally coming up to talk to his mother and eat. his idea of a good time is drinking small amounts of alcohol and playing video games. He also has a job at the retail clothing store.

2010 ‘ANDREW’

Jake is a young man with some social and mental issues. His biggest life setback is the fact that his friend, Andrew, fled to Florida almost 2 years ago. Jake makes videos for Andrew and tries to contact him via social networking but he has no luck with a response. Until Now...

2017 ‘surprise.’

Partisha is an enthusiastic single mother. Though it appears her husband has been away on some kind of spiritual journey for some time now, she keeps her head held high for her daughter, Renee. Renee is a young adult trying to figure out how she's going to start  her life. Renee's newly acquired computer has allowed her to use the internet for continuing education. Partisha is especially interested in Renee learning the tricks of the 'business' trade in an online education program. Renee, however, does not feel the business courses are right for her. Renee has discovered an alternative educational program on the internet that seems to make more sense to her. Partisha becomes suspicious of Renee's online activity, so she hires a computer guy, Michigan Tim, to assist in blocking certain sites on Renee's computer. Despite Michigan Tim's effort, Renee is still able to watch her training videos. Renee's ultimate goal is to achieve what is called an "Advisory Implant". Said implant has different levels, which are achieved through logging more time on the website. The implants allegedly "allow you to think and have great friends".