Josh has been behind a video camera since he was a pre-teen. By the time High School came around, he had a stack of video tapes filled with original content (though not exactly the terrifying/thrilling content he was going for at the time, he was still proud of his personal accomplishments). Through High School he started making more intricate films, with scripts and some degree of actual planning.  Right after High School he left the town where he was born and raised, in Central Massachusetts, and went  to study film at the San Francisco Art Institute. His time there was brief but exposed him to the world of being an artist and thinking outside the box. He eventually left San Francisco,  and went back to Massachusetts, when he found the Massachusetts College of Art.  He spent the next 5 years there going from making conceptual, black and white, experimental videos to short films that take on a feeling that they were made on a different planet.

He developed a very particular style with his work during his time at MassArt. His keen interest in bad/poorly made cinema shines bright in his work. He often goes out of his way to make the viewer humorously uncomfortable. He accurately expresses his unique sense of humor in his films by making himself responsible for every part of the production process including Writing, Casting, Scheduling, Directing, and Editing. His stories are often based around dysfunctional families and relationships. There is a very “After School Special” feel to his work that almost makes it seem like he’s trying to get you to conform to the social norms of the alternative universe he created.

Work Previously Screened At:

Massachusetts College of Art

The Boston Student Film Festival

The Video Underground, Jamaica Plain, MA

Out Of The Blue Too, Cambridge, MA

The Lillypad, Cambridge, MA